Aussie geologist demystifies mining reports

Aussie geologist demystifies mining reports
for ordinary investors

Iron Ore Deposit

An Australian resource geologist has launched a new educational tool targeted at leveling the playing field for mum and dad investors planning to profit from the nation�s mining boom.
Perth-based geologist Jason Barnett has spent yesteryear decade employed in underground and open-cut mines in Australia and Canada, producing top-level resource estimates for various commodities including gold, iron ore, copper and nickel.
His new books, �Understanding Gold Announcements� and �Understanding Iron Ore Announcements� lay out the key options that come with economically viable mineral deposits and let inexperienced investors to confidently interpret company resource reports.
�Mining companies release results constantly, as well as the facts are, those results can have a real, material effect on share price,� he explains.
�Unfortunately, their reports are often difficult to understand if you�re not an engineer or perhaps an experienced trader, and can be quite misleading for your ordinary investor.
Having the capacity to interpret these results could mean the difference between identifying a great potential investment and a bad one.�
Barnett says he developed the educational books after realising that perhaps the most elementary information regarding mining exploration and iron ore bodies was over the budget for many Australians.
�I couldn�t find any information that ordinary people could access; it�s usually the kind of detail that�s circulated within the upper echelons of resource companies or discussed behind board room doors.�
His two books, on interpreting gold and iron ore bodies, provide Barnett�s own mining and commodities experience, and a number of interviews with top-level mining executives all over the world.
Many of the interview subjects spoke to Barnett, on the basis of anonymity, since they backed his vision of demystifying the resource exploration process for ordinary Australians.
�A large amount of these guys are sick and tired with companies issuing reports written purely to affect their stock price, rather than as part of the regulatory reporting process,� he stated.
�The books are unbiased, simple, and straightforward to see, and will really give just about anyone an awareness of basic mining and resource exploration principles in a afternoon.�
He could be currently taking care of two more books, targeting copper and nickel commodities.
Barnett warns, however, that focusing on how mining companies report their resource results and being able to interpret their discoveries doesn�t necessarily guarantee meals ticket at the table of Australia�s current mining boom.
�There remain many factors which are into a profitable trade, just like the company�s executive management, global conditions, as well as other pressures in the marketplace day-to-day.�
Barnett�s books are available online at for $39.95.
Iron Ore Deposit

For more information, samples of the books, media interviews, or high-res images, call Jason Barnett on 0427 710 423.


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